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However, Bernstein and his orthodox critics in the party leadership, above all Karl Kautsky, were united in practice — no one thought in terms of an armed revolution. But while Bernstein advocated stating this and adjusting the theory to the reformist practice, the orthodox preferred continuing to mask reformist practice with verbal adherence to the goal of socialism. This is where Luxemburg intervened.

The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg review – tragedy and farce

In contrast to Bernstein she interpreted the rise of monopoly capital, imperialism, and colonialism not as a weakening but as a sharpening of class antagonisms. And, in contrast to Kautsky, revolutionary phrasemongering was repugnant to her. For her, achieving positions of power in legislatures and the growth of the organisation were not goals in themselves but only valuable in so far as they were components of a political strategy subordinated to the general goal of the movement.

Important to her — and still important today — was the conviction that without intervention in questions of everyday life socialist politics is reduced to the worshipping of dead formulas.

Rosa Luxemburg: Utopian or Explorer?

Socialist parties, however, are not electoral organisations. The politics of everyday life, the representation of interests, and reformism are not goals in themselves.

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Absence from politics cannot be compensated by pronouncing worn out revolutionary vocabulary on solemn occasions while maintaining distance from political debates so as not to frighten off potential voters. This had in part to do with her country of origin, Poland, which had been divided among the three reactionary great powers — Austria, Germany, and Russia — since the Vienna Congress of When Polish Social Democracy was founded in it tended to see itself as a national movement inscribing on its banners the struggle for Polish unity and national independence.

What she essentially said is: Capitalist development pushes beyond the borders of the nation-state. It can thus not be the task of socialists to ally with the most backward forces of society against capitalist progress. The Polish national state emerged in out of the rubble of the World War.

Rosa Luxemburg’s Radical Concept of Imperialism

But it was refuted along with the outlook of all revolutionaries who expected a European socialist revolution in , and the Bolsheviks remained alone — the problem they posed could not be resolved. In Central Europe the Emperors fell, and the national revolutions that created new states stayed within bourgeois limits.

Luxemburg bitterly registered the nationalist wave unleashed by the collapse of the multinational states in the wake of the First World War. The accusation has been made that her projections of the future were too far ahead of her time.

Phantom Monument II

This can be said of her supposition that capitalism was near collapse due to its economic contradictions. It was precisely in this sense that Rosa Luxemburg pointed out a direction to us, not going back to historically outlived nationalism but a way forward to a cosmopolitan united humanity, however arduous and laborious the path is. Talk Rosa Luxemburg: Utopian or Explorer? Tags The Left History Theory. Authors Walter Baier.

Important Update Asking you for solidarity By Kerem Schamberger 13 Sep Obituary Immanuel Wallerstein — Contact us. The newsletter informs about activities of our network, European and worldwide political developments and initiatives of social movements. On December 31, , Luxemburg and her friends meet in the ballroom above the entrance to the Prussian Landtag parliament now the Berlin city parliament or the Abgeordnetenhaus.

Their mission: drive the revolution forward.

Rosa Luxemburg: Utopian or Explorer?

Just a few days after the KPD is founded, up to one million Berlin workers take to the streets to get rid of the provisional government. Luxemburg thought it was a stupid idea. Luxemburg is dragged from the hotel into a car and beaten to death with rifle butts. It will only be fished from the water six months later. Today a small monument with her name rises from that spot underneath the bridge connecting the two parts of the zoo.

Some , people attend the funeral although, still missing, her body will only be buried there a half a year later. The original monument by Mies van der Rohe is destroyed by the Nazis eight years later, and a new one is erected by the GDR. Every year, on the second Sunday in January, tens of thousands of people commemorate Rosa Luxemburg at her grave with a red carnation.

This year, it happens on January 13, Twelve years ago, the Platz was turned into a Rosa Luxemburg memorial, with 60 of her quotes carved into bronze strips and set into the pavement South-East of the U-Bahn station of today. Jorge days ago. Skip to main content.

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